Street Sweeping Exemption Process

Enforcement of Parking Restrictions

Cleaner streets and a more efficient process have resulted since street sweeping parking restrictions have been enforced in Brea. Compliance rates have been very high with residents reporting satisfaction with the program.

Those with an unusual, temporary situation preventing compliance on a short-term basis can call the Brea Police Department at 714-990-7911 at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled sweeping.

Obtaining an Exemption Permit

Those who have a long-term situation (lasting more than 90 days) may apply for an exemption permit. If a permit is granted, it will exempt a specific vehicle from parking restrictions through December of the same year. The form found online below is to be submitted to the Public Works Office located at 545 N. Berry Street. There is a $20 fee upon issuance of this permit. Should an exemption request be denied, there is an appeal process through the Traffic Committee.

Exemption Materials

If you have received a ticket that you wish to appeal, follow instructions on the back of the citation.